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RQuam Martial Arts Academy

TaeKwondo training in belgrade, Montana

Training for life since 1973

Tuesday and Thursday Class

The first lesson is free, so bring some workout clothes and join us!

Regular one-hour classes run on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Our early class starts at 4:30pm and the later class starts at 6:00pm.

All People are Welcome

These classes are for all ages and all belt ranks, even if it is your first time.

Classes are run with all-ages welcome. Parents train with their children, young and old. We are always ready to learn.

Our Martial Arts Philosophy

“An attempt to establish human life in some satisfying and meaningful relation to the universe, and to afford some wisdom in the conduct of human affairs.” 

Sam Kyu Shim


Payments for RQuam Martial Arts Academy are taken through the service PaySimple. Use this to set up your monthly payments.


Bridger View Community Event Center
RQuam Martial Arts Academy
1079 Spooner Road
Belgrade, Montana 59714

Phone: (406) 580-9184

ABOUT our Head instructor

Grand Master Randy Quam

Chief instructor, Grand Master Randy Quam began his training in 1973 under the guidance of Grand Master Jae-Ho Park, and the late past President, Grand Master Karlo Fujiwara. He has owned and operated several schools in the Gallatin and Madison counties in Montana. Grand Master Quam also holds an additional Masters Degree in Education from Montana State University in Curriculum and Instruction. He recently retired from teaching second grade after 26 years.

A tae-kwon-do grand master smiles as he speaks to young people laying on a mat

tenants of martial arts

Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self Control, Indomitable Spirit

We practice these 5 tenants daily, both in the dojang and out in the “real world”.